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S2 AU: Serena, Blair and Dan have a polyamorous relationship with each, complete with lies, heartbreak and scandal. What’s new?

blair waldorf + character tropes

blair waldorf + sleepwear

Hanna Marin - Season 2 oufits (part 3/5)

Why do I usually take acting jobs? Because no one trusts me to me to babysit, I dropped out of high school and I REALLY love truffles.



where these two idiots are in love. 
 Inspired by the Allison to my Erica. Happy 1 year of writing together!

"this was fun, sweetheart. i’ll see you in class."

"of course. and don’t sweetheart me.”

1. you have crept into the spaces between my words,
    the punctuation between my lines,
    the brief intake of breath after a comma
    and the audible closure of a full stop.

2. “have i told you,” i say.
    “yes,” they say. they don’t even need to hear your name anymore
    to know that i’m about to talk about you. again.

3. there are words i can associate with nobody but you.
    cedilla. autonomous. diaphanous. percolate.
    words are for everyone. don’t go stealing them like that.
    don’t go stealing them when only i feel the loss.

4. i talk myself in circles and i always come back to you.

5. i think you are the only story i will ever be able to tell again.

— “write in love and edit sober”, 质问


Alexander McQueen Fall 2008 Details

step right up, shoot an arrow at the target;
my heart is an easy thing for you to win


i can’t see much of a future
unless we find out what’s to blame;
what a shame

[requested by cosimaniehaust]